Friday, October 2, 2009

Recyclists' Summer Reading List

Right now, if you were to quickly glimpse into one of Cowichan Recyclists' raindrop-spotted bike mirrors, you'd still be able to discern that the gorgeous beauty with the sunny disposition fading into the distance is, in fact, Summer.
The good weather stayed around for longer than we expected, and we tried our hardest to enjoy it while it was here.
We have to admit, there weren't too many days spent sitting 'round in the apartment, floggin' the ol' blog box, typing updates and sharing stories.
But now that the sun is safely tucked away in the proper West Coast closet, hidden by a fresh order of grey clouds, we can get back to regaling you with recycling rhymes and adventures.

Some of the Summer's best-selling titles and synopses include:

Childe John to the Dark Compost Came

Taking place in the middle of summer, nephew John took some time from his camping trip at Gordon Bay on Cowichan Lake to help uncle Aaron pick up food waste and organics. His muscles and hard work ethic made the job seem like play, and the duo quickly finished to head back to the lake for the rest of the vacation.

Ode to the Greasy Urn

Aaron discovers the slippery nature of buckets full of bacon fat as he unintentionally fills the back of his truck with the goopy soup. Clean-up would be no problem if only his gloves weren't drowning under the freshly tipped bucket of pork slop. Will the skinny, fat-covered Recyclist learn the value of bungee cords or will he repeat his "slip-up" for the remainder of the year? Read on....

The Rime
of the Awkward Styrofoam

Since Cowichan Recyclists began two years ago, it's been a goal of the protagonists to find a solution for recycling Styrofoam here in Cowichan. The pesky plastic product has a recycling symbol stamped right on it but was not accepted in any local recycling program...until now! Join Katie and Aaron as they wrestle the bulky, light, bright, white unsightly blight on all that is right, and find a solution for the packaging pollution.