Friday, October 9, 2009

This is How We Move It

At the beginning of October, the Cowichan Green Community were slated to move to a larger office. The creators of Fruit Save, Grow A Row, Cowichan Car Share Co-op and numerous other enviro-initiatives have grown too big for their hemp-sewn britches and needed more space.

Given that the staff there are eco-warriors and their new office space is about two blocks away (181 Station Street), they decided to do a zero carbon move.

What does that even mean, you say?

Well, they used Cowichan Recyclists' bike trailers — two from the Recyclists and two from the soon to be implemented Cowichan Community Trailer Project — and a bunch of volunteer muscle.

They moved desks, books, shelves, paper, signs, posters, displays, seeds, etc. : all using no oil or fuel.

It was apparently quite a sight for the two hours it took with numerous volunteers traipsing back and forth pushing trailers full of stuff through the streets and alleyways.
Unfortunately, the staff there were so busy not producing carbon they forgot to take photos.

Here are a couple pics from when we moved a book shelf for CGC into their new office a few days earlier using the bike and trailer.

It's great to see some people are walking the walk toward zero carbon, even if it means a bit more planning is involved.