Sunday, August 15, 2010

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A wheely good idea

Pedal-powered recycling will soon be coming to downtown Victoria businesses as Duncan-based Cowichan Recyclists prepares to expand its services to the South Island.

In partnership with local recyclers reFUSE — which offers big-bin recycling and drop-off at its Government Street depot — the Recyclists plan to offer zero-emission bike-and-trailer recycling pick-up around the downtown core.

Recylists’ website shows the company currently has more than 80 commercial clients in Duncan alone and company co-founder Aaron Bichard says they plan to fill a gap in services in Victoria.

“What is currently being offered out there by the bigger companies is that you have to be a certain size business and have a certain amount of space to warrant the service,” he said.

“You need to have space to put bins outside in the alleyways and you have to be generating enough volume that it would be cost-effective to order one of those big bins.

“Whereas we deal with, typically, smaller business, so businesses that maybe don’t have the space to be holding on to their recycling, the businesses that might not be generating as much volume, and we deal with things that aren’t typically picked by the regular services.”

Bichard says Victoria is ready for the Recyclists.

“We’ve done some surveys and questionnaires down in the Victoria business community, and so it looks like they are looking for recycling solutions for smaller businesses—and especially green solutions that are emission-free.

“Victoria’s a very bicycle-friendly city and a city that’s looking for the green eco-friendly option.”

— Jason Youmans

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