Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Extra! Extra! 3R's all about it!

I came across this photo today while spending time marveling at how fast time is flying and doing a little relaxing reminiscing.

Maybe it was the fact that this week, Gretz —The Great One — is marking his 50-year milestone. Maybe because he is now officially more than halfway to the revered 99, I meandered through pictures of yore.
Or maybe it was the impending marking of another set goal date. I'd marked February as a time for change and change is rarely tardy.

Whatever the reason, my flighty mind lit upon this picture and made me think, hmmm...how poetic.

I took this photo while working as a reporter/photographer for the Cowichan News Leader Pictorial when photography was my job and recycling was my hobby. I climbed as far as I could into the CVRD multi-bin to capture some diligent eco-warrior recycling my freshly-written prose.

And now, more than five years after snapping the photo, I'm on the outside of the bin looking in.

Recycling is my paid gig. Photography is a dusty hobby. And writing is, as always, somewhere nearby.

Whether you see it in the continuity of the recycling symbol or the idea of art mimicking life mimicking art, it's pretty rare to end up far from where you originally began. But taking that journey is worth it.

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