Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recycling Compact Flourescent Lights

When it comes to green, really, there's Kermit, Oscar, broccoli and you.

Heck, you changed your bulbs, man...

It may have taken 10 years to get those LEDs on the Xmas tree, and the result was less-than-dazzling, but you did it.

You now have glowing, curly, pig-tailed CFLs in every socket.

So, in the spirit of of the Holy Rs and keeping pace in the race to reduce waste, any ideas what you do when these energy-saving light-shedders shed light no more?

Here in Cowichan, you have some options.

Many of the home renovation shops — RONA, Home Hardware, Home Depot — have programs where you can return the bulbs to be recycled. There's no fee but call ahead to make sure they take all sizes.

For the tube fluorescents, try Schnitzer Steel Pacific or Bings Creek Transfer Station.
There's a charge to recycle them, but it's less than the cost of throwing them in the landfill.

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