Thursday, April 14, 2011

We'll miss you, Betty Anne

Taped to our fridge is a 10 dollar bill.

It's an ordinary sample of Canadian currency serving as an extraordinary reminder.

It was given to us by the most self-less, community-minded volunteer we've ever met; a person who has given so much she need never give again.

Yet she gave it us. From her own pocket.

In 2007 when we started this recycling service, we approached the Cowichan Valley Basket Society and asked Betty Anne — the tireless volunteer who for more than two decades has been running the local staple to many down and out people's diets — if we could help out by taking away her recycling.

Betty Anne, who has given and given of herself since 1988 and not asked for a thing in return, was so thankful and supportive she immediately said yes, and made it a habit of making sure she thanked us every Thursday for taking the material.

And on that first Christmas, despite our great protestations, Betty Anne made us leave with a 10 dollar bill from her own pocket to show her gratitude.

It's taped to our fridge — a constant reminder of the deep and pure goodness (nah, Greatness) that exists in people.

If we ever feel as though we have nothing left to give, we can always turn to the $10.

It's Betty Anne's last week of volunteering.

You will be greatly, greatly missed.

Here's a story that ran in the News Leader Pictorial on our hero.

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Clemens Rettich said...

A great community is not made up of noisy superstars. It is fueled by people quietly focused on getting the job done. These are the real reason life can be a little bit better every day.

Thank you for celebrating Betty Anne, and everyone like her in our community!