Friday, November 20, 2009

Livin' Life by the Multiplyin' Drop

The Cowichan Valley has been a soupy mess of late, thanks to a barrage of buckets being dumped from above. (Yes, that's some poor recyling bag drowned in the sewage-riddled stew.)
A too-high tide, coupled with the non-stop rain has made for numerous road closures, more than 300 home evacuations and a world of discomfort for many residents.

Cowichan Recyclists took to the paved waterways to survey the damage and, of course, recycle.

Here's some of what we saw.

Quamichan Middle School

Residents sandbagged their homes but many found it was too little too late.

The driving range became nothing but a water hazard.

The Cowichan River exploded its banks, butting up against the dyke in McAdam Park in Duncan. The measuring stick shows the water has risen half-a-meter since overflowing the river's edge.

Because of all the wetness, our main route to Cowichan Bay was closed, forcing us to take a more vertical approach.
Going down into Cowichan Bay along Bench Road was easy. Coming back up, not so much. This photo on the right is taken at the bottom looking about a third of the way up the incline, and the video below is taken about three-quarters of the way up the hill.

After this, I'm sure no-one will question us if we trade our bikes for camels and move to sandier, more arid climes...

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