Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leadin' the way by Trailin' behind

Sing-a-long if you know the words.

Tow, Tow, Tow your groceries slowly 'round the town...lah-de-dum-dee-dum dee doh- sumthing, sumthing FREE!!!

Now we have that song out of the way (an original Recyclists' opus, may we add), we are very excited to tell you about our newest project — Cowichan Community Trailers.

Launched a mere two weeks ago, Cowichan Community Trailers aim is to making biking for utility possible for everyone in the area.

To that end, with funding support provided by Moving on Sustainable Transportation, we've secured six trailers made by Tony's Trailers to be towed behind bikes or electric scooters and made them available for the community to use absolutely free.

In order to participate, people can go to Cowichan Independent Living to sign up for the free membership, then sign the trailers out from there or from Cowichan Green Community.

The trailers can be used for grocery shopping, returning library books, trips to the laundromat, delivering food and flowers, etc. The uses really are endless.

If you've ever spent time circling aimlessly in a full parking lot, searching for a spot to leave your vehicle, you'll appreciate the ease of Cowichan Community Trailers. And you won't have any trouble recognizing them thanks to the logo design by Dale Nigel Goble and the reflective signage made by Greenprint Studios.

For more information visit our website — — a give us a call at 250-732-3619. We'd love to pass on as much info about this exciting project as we can.

Happy trailering!

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