Monday, January 25, 2010

Spot the link...

In an effort to infuse our partners', fellow-recyclers', kindred-cycling-spirits' and, of course, our dear, dear readers' psyches with a little bit of refreshing enjoyment in the dreary winter days, we Recyclists propose the following game for your amusement.

(Drumrollllll) Introducing — SPOT THE LINK!

The rules are fairly simple: What do the following two photos have in common?

The answer...?

a) After hauling the load on the bike, Aaron had the group of Croatian sausage-makers use their techniques to massage his calf muscles.
b) Both the 530-metre sausage and the load on the trailer set world records.
c) The blue aprons in the first photo are Cowichan Recyclists' new uniforms.
d) The amount of pork used to make the world's longest sausage and the weight of bike, rider and trailer is the same — 400 kilograms.

Happy picture sleuthing!


Leslie Stewart said...

It MUST be the uniforms!! Can't wait to see you guys sporting those fancy aprons around Cowichan Valley!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Oops - does this count as two posts?

What I said was:

Honestly, I think it's probably (a).